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You never know when you might need an innovation inspiration, new learning or general pick-me-up. That's why we've made our innovation videos available to you with 24/7 access.


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Innovation and Mental Mastery
It is possible to choose particular thought patterns that aid us as innovators. But we must CHOOSE to do so.

How to Be a Creative Problem Solver
Improve your Creative Problem Solving abilities, and you'll get your life and work running more successfully.

Are You Ready to Take a Stand on Sustainability
Each of us can help make a sustainable future. Lets bring our best minds together to solve the biggest issues of today. 


Take Responsibility
You need to take responsibility for making innovation happen.

Persistently trying new ways to accomplish something in which you believe.


Life Is Challenge
It is possible to create a better world through innovation - if we choose to.



Have the COURAGE to evaluate ideas with praise first: POINt

Problem Phrasing
Phrase problems as questions: How might... in what ways might... what might be all the... then be curious about solutions.

Generate Many Ideas
Innovators must collect numerous ideas and defer judgement.


Innovation leadership requires integrity: Doing what you say you'll do.

Gator Brain
Understanding our reaction to newness can help us to upshift our thinking away from our Gator Brain.

Don't Look for Danger
Looking for danger often kills new valuable ideas before they even have a chance. Next time you are presented with a new idea first look for the value, what's good about the idea, and see what happens. 

Focused Thinking
There's power in focused thinking. Learning to separate divergent and convergent thinking is a skill that will help foster creative thinking output.

Six Key Values

Bringing innovation to life anywhere in an organization, community, or personal life of an individual requires six key values which are essential for both Leadership and Innovation.

Innovation Is About More Than Products
New products (offerings) for an organization get a lot of attention when it comes to innovation. Keep in mind however, that innovation in new offerings actually only accounts for a fraction of new value creation for an enterprise. 


Learn to POINt
A personal story from Bob Eckert about how his 9 year old son, Luke, helped him see his gator brain. An evaluation tool, POINt, helped to explore possibilities.

Creative Thinkers
Inspire innovation at work, at home and in your community.

The Secret 2nd Workshop
This video explains what the secret 2nd workshop within Innovation for Results is all about.


Innovation Case Study
We present a short case study that demonstrates the need for a more robust approach to building innovation culture. But we don't leave you hanging. We then share the roadmap to that better approach.

Sharpen Your Innovation Skills Saw
Is your company doing what it takes to remain relevant in today's fast-paced, innovative and global world? We suggest it is always good to sharpen your innovation skills as one way to keep-up with, or ahead of your competition.

Think Creatively in 'The Box'
We're a bit tired of people saying you can only be creative 'outside the box'. Guess what? You can think creatively wherever you want...even in a box with boundaries.


Senior Leader Responsibilities for Innovation
We have identified 12 key areas that require focus to drive long-term innovation success.

Creative Thinking, Creativity and Innovation
We quickly define some key terms so that you can start your journey towards innovation.



The foundation of innovation leadership means recognizing that you might not have all the great ideas.

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