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Training programs that develop creative people, innovative teams, effective organizations and profitable revenue streams.


Why Bother? 


New & Improved training programsStaying competitive in an evolving world requires an understanding of the art and science of innovation at multiple levels. Our training programs focus on the full range of skills, techniques, systems and leadership behaviors that unleash the creative potential of your organization’s people.

The critical element for sustaining innovation in organizations is the “people” side of the equation. No system will net you steady new revenue growth if your people are running on average and starting their day on a cup of business as usual. It’s empowered, creative people that make a culture of innovation. In order to utilize the tools, techniques, and methods, you need your people’s creative brains functioning at their full innovation capacity. To help develop the innovation energizing attitudes and behaviors of your people, we've developed innovation training and coaching programs that start with the basics (innovation methods and creativity techniques) and extend into high-level leadership skills to radically transform the way innovation leaders think and act.

No two organizations are alike, so we usually customize our programs to meet our clients’ specific needs. We do, of course, have some stock programs as well, which we use as a starting point in our discussion of your needs.

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 Our innovation training programs focus in the following areas

Training That Pays For Itself*

 *Read more about our research on the Return on Investment of innovation training.

New & Improved innovation courses are designed to stand alone or in concert with other organizational development efforts, and work on real-world organizational challenges that usually yield greater value to the company than the actual cost of the programs (including the value of the employees’ “non-productive” time in the training!).
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Sample Innovation Workshops