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New & Improved strategy development for innovation

The headline here is "culture." It's important that we're clear about which innovation lever we're attempting to pull. If you are interested in developing creative thinking skills in individuals - stop here - and go to training programs.

If you are a Senior Executive or part of an "innovation team" tasked with fostering a culture of innovation then read on my friend.

First, you have our empathy. Building sustained innovation culture is a tough job. There is a lot of unresearched mis-information about what works - and doesn't.  But you are not alone. It's the mission at New & Improved to take the mystery out of it and show you the way to a successful future. Why? See our Frank Talk at the bottom of the page. 

Here's a working definition of culture:

"Maze-ways." Think about culture as the way that people navigate the maze of your organization. Yes, there is hierarchy and policy and procedure, but culture reflects how things really get done.


Frugality of effort will often leave necessary strategies undone. While you likely have a lot of momentum going for you - it's also likely there are gaps in effort that are hampering forward progress and frustrating those who really want to work for an innovation fostering company (not just one that says it is).


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Do you need help describing or understanding the big picture behind what it takes to achieve a sustainable innovative culture? This interactive webinar, for groups of 5 to 10, is designed to do just that. Email to request your webinar.



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This comprehensive book shares 12 Strategies for Innovation Excellence, case studies and success tips. You can read and begin taking action on your own. Click here to see free resources



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We'll work side-by-side with you to assess your current state, identify quick wins and create a plan for sustained action. Go to Innovation OnBoarding for more details on how to get started.



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 Do you already know that you want an innovation event to kick-off a planned effort? Is there a lot of interest in fostering innovation but perhaps a bit of confusion about what this really takes? You might want to begin with this strategy. Find out more about this option



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A healthy innovation ecosystem will be the key factor for enabling and engaging the human resource of your organization to think creatively and produce sustained innovation. Many leaders think that a training course, a spiffy room, or a piece of software will change the culture. It won't. And, it doesn't make prudent business sense to expend capital in developing creative thinking skills, designing collaborative spaces or investing in idea collaboration software unless you are serious about actually changing as an organization.

New & Improved has done the research and has a validated roadmap for designing success that we will tailor for you.

We aren't afraid to talk about the difficulties that come along with being an innovative organization. We can coach and advise on the realities of balancing short-term objectives with long-term innovation - in every department!

The risk of doing nothing to create an innovative culture is much greater than the pains of becoming one.

We've identified 12 Strategies for Innovation Excellence to help you to get started in the design of your plan, garnering support and making an impact. No longer will you wonder if all the various strategies you're implementing are working together to propel your future - you'll have a clearly articulated, yet customized, roadmap to lean on.

12 areas - we know it sounds like a lot. They are not all equal in size of effort, scope or budget. Some are going to be more important for your organization to act upon first. But to create more of a culture of innovation, all of them must be considered. Are you ready to begin?

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The folks at New & Improved have a fundamental flaw: They care about making a positive difference in the world. So, while they could keep filling their bank accounts with their ever-popular creative thinking courses, they can't do it. You see, they've been at it for a long time. They read, fund and participate in the research. They know that only the right culture gives crea ... Read More >tivity the breathing room needed to deliver value in the long run. So they want to help create that kind of culture. Idiots, perhaps. When I point this out to them, they come back with this stuff about a "Virtuous Cycle": When a commercial enterprise develops (and then supports) the creative abilities of its people - for the betterment of that enterprise - they are also improving the home and community lives of those individuals. The need for creative thinking and problem solving exists in every aspect of a persons life. And boy-oh-boy are employees engaged when companies develop them in this way!  Then I REALLY have a tough time inhibiting innovation.