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Last night I finished your training book, and I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed it and found it fresh and inspirational (and obviously useful!). As you say in the in the Preface, there are many books on techniques/methodologies, but few that explain the foundations of great Team Working. So, you've definitively filled a gap.

— Manager, New Products Cadbury-Adams

Strategic Thinking for Results:

A Framework for linking strategy with innovation in a fast-paced complex world

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New & Improved strategic thinking for resultsPurpose

Are work challenges becoming more and more complex and uncertain?

Is the speed of change more intense than ever before at your organization?

If you answer yes to these questions you are far from alone. The challenge is how to be both more agile and proactive when navigating in this environment. In Strategic Thinking for Results participants develop the mindset and skillset needed to strategically think through any situation they face at work or in life.

This course is designed to strengthen strategic thinking abilities while under pressure to perform in today’s hyper–paced, complex global business climate. Participants learn how to respond to the rapidly changing challenges and opportunities of your enterprise. From the front–line to the executive suite, effective strategic thinking is a critical skill needed for success.


In this course participants will assess their current strategic thinking skills and develop a personal action plan to better incorporate strategic thinking into their daily routines. Learning will happen while applying a powerful strategic thinking framework in which participants clarify and explore:
  • What really motivates themselves and others
  • A compelling vision of the future
  • Current reality from many perspectives
  • Future pull and creative tension
  • Strategic pathways for the future
Working in partnership with a small group of fellow participants, everyone will practice strategic thinking skills on a real–world situation. During this process, participants will discover key lessons such as why you shouldn't always trust what you think you know, and how to effectively question it.

Participants will practice taking time for self–reflection and focused concentration that will help to effectively navigate foreseeable and unexpected changes. Using these insights, participants will be able to make connections in new and imaginative ways that will create a compelling and strategic vision of the future for themselves, their team, their customers and your enterprise.


1–2 days

Group Size

16 to 24

Target Audience

Leaders and Key Contributors

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Key Benefits

  • Increase confidence and competence in developing strategies in a world of complexity
  • Understand the differences between strategic thinking and strategic planning
  • Assess current strategic thinking skills
  • Apply the essential mindset and skillset of great strategic thinkers
  • Explore situations from multiple perspectives
  • Learn and apply a powerful strategic thinking framework
  • Challenge habitual patterns that limit the ability to think strategically
  • Create a plan to integrate strategic thinking habits into daily work and life routines
Speaking as the gator, I totally reject the premise of the training above. Forget the future. Are you hungry...get food. Is someone attacking...attack back. Other than that I suggest you take a nap. Strategic thinking hurts my brain.