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Thank you! You did a terrific job and I received lots of positive feedback from the troops! When we do it again, you will be at the top of our list.

— Global Head of Business Operations and Resource Management, Pfizer

Strategic Planning Facilitation

strategic planning facilitation new & improved innovationNothing kills organizational growth like not knowing where to go. Even worse is operating with outdated or inaccurate charts to tell you where you are or your destination is.

New & Improved’s creative strategic planning facilitation combines the traditional strategic planning process with a deliberate focus on energizing creative thinking. This ensures that you create a deliberately thought–out, innovative approach to accomplish your goals. Who needs yet another “Plus 10% Plan” where everything is the same as last year but with 10% more. That’s not strategic, does not differentiate you from your competition, does not inspire employees and it doesn’t position you for real growth through innovation.

Applying both imagination and content expertise of the key stakeholders to deliberately and creatively think through the issues, you’ll solve the organization’s challenges with some new strategies and solutions. This ensures that you have new ways of developing your organization’s growth through creative approaches. The results are the essential components of an effective plan: a purpose, desired future state, values, and the strategies and tactics necessary to get you to where you want to go. And — most importantly — the skills and flexibility of thinking to recognize and embrace other opportunities that come along that, while not in the plan, create new opportunities for unexpected growth. The source for this growth? The brilliant, creative, innovative ideas that exist in your brain and the brains of your team. When it’s time to get them out where value can be created, our facilitation can help make that happen.

Our Client List

We’ve worked with some of the largest and smallest organizations to help them develop effective and breakthrough strategies in a variety of industries and categories, including fast–food, computer software, consumer products (e.g. food and beverage), medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, financial services, agri–business, human services, and industrial machinery. Some of the companies who’ve sought out our expertise incluce:

Kraft | Cadbury-Adams | Nestle | Johnson & Johnson | Compaq | McDonalds | Disney | Agilent Technologies | Scientific Games | Bath & Body Works | Clorox | Centocor | Novo Nordisk | Novartis | Pfizer | Various state and national government agencies | A wide range of small family held businesses | Not–for–profit organizations of every size and type
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Key Benefits

  • Better considered, more creative strategies to create growth (rather than the “same old, same old”).
  • Team walks away with alignment on key issues including core purpose, desired future state, organizational values, and the current reality.
  • The creation of a tactical work plan and next steps so that everyone in the organization knows what to do in order to achieve growth and goals.
  • Improved efficiency of meeting and maximized use of participant’s time & energy.
  • Facilitated structure to ensure all voices are heard, politics are minimized and all cultures are engaged.
  • The team members will also gain insights into their problem solving style and how it impacts the team.
  • Teams learn how to function together more effectively.
  • Teams emerge far more effective and efficient due to skills learned.
  • Teams have increased capacity to create incredibly valuable work for the organization.
If it was up to me, I'd never let the folks at New & Improved anywhere near a strategic planning session.  They make sure you'll roll together the insights from the past, empathy for your stakeholders and well informed thinking about the future. They get folks thinking productively and (I hate this word) cooperating. Foolishness! That stuff gives me a headache. I'm a gator. ... Read More >I live in the now. You should be more like me. If you're basically OK at the moment, don't mess with things. That's my strategy and it's been working since before you were even born, whippersnapper!