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Productive Meetings That Create Results

Become an Innovation Facilitator



new & improved meeting facilitationPurpose


Your meetings have to be productive and meet your goals. And if you can produce innovative solutions while having fun and maybe even learning, that’s even better.

For small meetings and large, we’ll help you design, facilitate and inspire people along the way to cause breakthrough solutions to problems for products, and in strategic planning. We work with groups and teams to lead them through processes and techniques to smash the obstacles and boundaries of conventional thinking and plow into a new paradigm. Don’t worry, you won’t need to carry additional insurance.

Meeting Design and Facilitation


What kinds of sessions do we design and facilitate? In general, we work with groups and teams to solve problems or achieve goals such as:


Innovation and Sustainability


Design Thinking Sessions


Process Improvement


Business Continuity Assurance Planning



New Product Development


Marketing Plan Development


Organizational Issues Resolution




Strategic Planning


Vision And Mission


War Gaming


Team-Building Interventions








What do the facilitated meetings and sessions look like?

No two programs really look alike. We work with groups small and large, staffing them with the appropriate number of facilitators from New & Improved, or training facilitators from yours. We isolate the meeting attendees from the rest of the world and lead them through a range of techniques and creativity exercises that get their brains working in different ways and thinking about issues from new perspectives. Our techniques are varied to take advantage of the fact that people learn, think, and act in different ways. To the outsider, it can look like anything from a quiet, intentional conversation to a group of people getting a bit wild (or a lot wild) in a unique and creative multi-media environment.


1/2–4 Days

Group Size


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Key Benefits 

As told by clients

So what’s the advantage of bringing us in to help design and facilitate your next meeting? Well here’s what our clients have told us we've helped them achieve:

  • Accomplished more in less time
  • Assured business continuity through various difficult challenges
  • Groups reached consensus around very complex issues
  • Helped to develop the team to work together more effectively
  • Clarified the real problem that needed to be solve
  • Generated lots of great ideas
  • Planned for action so everyone knew what needed to happen to achieve their goals
  • Many breakthrough or “outside of the box” ideas
  • Dramatic reduction of off-focus debates and tangents
  • Drastic reduction of meeting time
  • Removed influence of supervisor/peer pressure
  • All group members participated equally
  • Shifted the team culture