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— VP Human Resources, Novo Nordisk

mastering relationships for innovation:

For Individuals Throughout The Organization

new & imprved mastering relationships for innovationPURPOSE

An intense course designed to shift attitudes and enable everyone to take a leadership role by providing a model, tools, techniques, and the coaching necessary to make it happen.


Leadership is not a right that comes with an elevated station within the company. It is the responsibility of every person in the organization. Great companies create a culture that holds every associate accountable for leadership and growth, and that is what this program is all about. This program coaches individuals by teaching them a cycle based on key internal leadership themes (as detailed in our book, More Lightning, Less Thunder). Individuals are aided in developing behaviors necessary to positively impact the organization by working on real organizational challenges and methodologies for their implementation. As a result, ideas are brought forward and put into actions that realize more financial gain than the cost of the program. It literally pays for itself. Participants leave the course as more effective leaders with a personal plan for growth.


4 days plus the evening before


Up to 24

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Key Benefits

  • Leaders who can create and sustain a common focus toward innovation
  • An inclusive culture where leadership is encouraged from everyone
  • Open and productive discussion and debate
  • Ability to manage change in a fast–paced environment
  • Recognition of the strengths and weaknesses of others in order to help them grow
  • Ability to lead the group to succeed in cooperation with other teams in the organization while avoiding us–against–them strategies
  • Acceptance of the mistakes of others and the ability to leverage the lessons learned
  • Improved leadership, presentation and listening skills
  • Cultivation of balanced risk–taking behaviors
  • Win-win attitudes rather than win–at–all–cost compromises
  • Behaviors directed at constant improvement
If only everyone took this program, the world might be a more pleasant and effective place. Although we’re biased, we think it’s just that important. Let’s face it. Human beings are social animals (sometimes too social), and always have — always will — need to work together to solve problems. Most of the time it takes way longer to do, and is way more painful to do than it s ... Read More >hould, because people don’t know how to get along as well as possible, and don’t think as well together as they can. You want to be better than the average and prove your mother right? You want your people to excel? Good. That’s what this program is all about. And remember, there is no short–cut. We’d love to say there was…then there’d be more time for us to sit on the beach. Fortunately, we love doing this program because it doesn’t try to be the non–existent short–cut. That’s why it makes a difference. No brag, just fact.