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Keynote | Living innovation - Beyond buzzwords

with executive roundtable discussions



new & improved living innovation keynotePurpose

Is innovation a hot topic at your organization but the way to bring it about is unclear? Then, this keynote with executive roundtable discussions, which is designed to demystify innovation and inspire engagement, may be the perfect kick-off to your efforts.


It’s known that innovation is vital to commercial success, but do we really know how to live innovation personally and professionally on a daily basis? Can we build and sustain a living organizational ecology of innovation? 

A New & Improved Global Innovation Specialist, will share important research, successful case studies (including examples of ROI) and 12 Strategies for Innovation Excellence(tm) that helps to live innovation. You’ll hear examples of both brilliant successes and well intentioned failures from across many business types and global cultures. Learn how to scan your current environment and pick up on patterns and opportunities for innovation. Discover how creative problem solving helps to foster individual capabilities within the innovation eco-system.

We'll show you the innovation treasure map. This treasure is not buried anywhere exotic, and the barriers to access are simply based upon your true resolve to innovate. 



Following the keynote Senior Executive will join a Roundtable discussion to:

  • Outline specific examples of how creative problem solving and innovation add value and impact
  • Paint the picture of the business case for innovation 'everywhere' - what it looks like, how it impacts how leaders lead and ways to measure ROI
  • Explore how creative problem solving and innovation can become a part of everyday work.



1–4 Hours

Group Size

8 to 400

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Key Benefits

  • Improved innovation leadership skills
  • Increased innovation relevancy across the enterprise
  • New tool for assessing innovation effort
  • Individuals take personal responsibility for organizational and personal innovation
  • Improved leadership and followership
  • Improved ability to see innovation through a strategic lens
  • Personal and organizational growth through innovation
My baby-gator once came home from one of those silly "get-along-with-everyone" youth development conferences - it was her mother's idea - and told me about a keynoter who spoke there. It WAS FANTASTIC DAD! HE WAS AMAZING! I asked "What was his message?" She responded "He had us all laughing and crying and being angry and happy, all in 45 minutes!" "What was his message?" I a ... Read More >sked again. She didn't know. Now that's my kind of keynoter! Ineffective. I love that. Unfortunately, these folks at N&I have lasting impact. People go back to work, homeĀ or community and behave differently. Less gator-brain and more creativity. Less "Ain't it awful club" and more making a positive difference. Less same-O same-O and more innovation. Oy! It gives me a headache!