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It's embarrassing to think of the mistakes I've made in fostering innovation, but exciting to see a path to improvement.

— Manager, PolyOne

Leading Innovation For Results:

Methods and principles of leadership for high performance innovation cultures.

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New & Improved Leading Innovation for results


Ineffective leader behavior is responsible for 40-70% of all failures in attempts to create a sustained innovation culture.

Leading Innovation for Results is designed to assure that your leaders are mature enablers of innovation, rather than unconscious impediments.

The challenge for leaders and managers is to balance the polarity of necessary standards vs. experimentation, controls vs. freedom, assuring there are no mistakes vs. encouraging creativity.

This course is designed to help mid and senior level leaders to find a balance between the "wisdom of what has been," and the need for newness.  By exposing them to the architecture of an innovation fostering organization, as well as some leadership practices and Creative Problem Solving tools that can be used every day, the program energizes them to deliver on the true promise of management:  unleashing the greatness of the human resource for value creation.


In this program participants will develop an understanding of how they can support and build a capacity for innovation.  They'll learn to set the tone of an innovation culture.

Intense and impactful, this training puts an innovation roadmap, and the behaviors for walking it well, into a manager's mind and demeanor.  Participants are shown, and practice, the essential steps, tools, attitudes and behaviors that are critical to fostering a culture of innovation.  Not only within traditional innovation centers - but also embedded in the way everyday problems get solved, strategies developed, decisions made and new value created. 12 key strategic action areas are explored to help provide the framework for each leader to build upon.

Key topics:

  • The architecture of innovative organizations
  • Leader behaviors that impede or accelerate innovation
  • The Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process as applied to real-world innovation 
  • Tools for evaluating ideas while at the same time fostering future innovation
  • Understanding how creative style preferences impact leadership style


1 Day


2-day Innovation for Results

Group Size

Up to 24 participants

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Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the program participants will:

  • Be able to implement a framework for building a culture of innovation beyond just products and services
  • Learn and find growth opportunities within their area of responsibility
  • Explore pathways to leverage innovation as a competitive differentiation
  • Spot ways to overcome the challenges leaders face while developing a culture of wise, productive change
  • Learn the common impediments and key drivers of an enterprise-wide approach to creating a culture of innovation
  • Strengthen their personal innovation leader skill-sets
  • Learn how personal creative thinking preferences influence leadership style
  • Discover the impact leaders have on inhibiting or sustaining a culture of innovation
  • Understand and learn how to foster the qualities of highly innovative teams
  • Imagine the big picture - what's in it for the organization as a world class employer (and what's in it for the individual) and be able to inspire employees by describing it
Managers get stuck between a truck bumper and a brick wall. On the one hand, they're supposed to keep their people from doing stupid stuff and wasting company treasure. On the other, they’re supposed to find ways to get the best out of their folks. Brilliant! Just the kind of confusion that we innovation-killing-gator-brains love! Unfortunately, (but fortunately for your com ... Read More >petition) without supports to do otherwise, they almost always default to the “protection plan” versus the “explore new territory” plan. Blame me if you want. Or fix the problem. We Gators have no choice. If I could figure out how to take your choices away, I would.