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Keynotes & Speeches:

Large-group strategy for how to begin or continue to create a culture of innovation



45 minutes – 4 hours

30 to 3000

new & improved innovation keynotesPurpose


If you’re interested in improving your organization's ability to deliver and manage innovation, you know that a successful, innovative organization requires people who are passionate about creating growth. Our keynote speakers inspire creative ideas and innovation and go far beyond creating the short term warm fuzzy feelings of a motivational speaker.

We bring our audiences the tools, techniques and methodologies for an immediately useful understanding of the art and science of creative productivity. Rather than mere opinions or just emotionally engaging anecdotes, our audiences experience a presentation that speaks from our life experience, passion, work and research.

Your people end up inspired, challenged, wiser and motivated. And they enjoy the process of getting there! Was it creativity training? A team leadership session? A leadership development discussion? An inspiring and motivational session? Yes, to all of the above.






Sample Keynote Topics


With experience speaking to groups of 30 or 3000, a sample of customizable topics includes:

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Key Benefits 

  • Personal and organizational growth through innovation
  • Improved innovation leadership skills
  • Strategies for developing new products and services
  • New methodologies for process improvement
  • Efficient ways to create radical innovations
  • Participants learn to apply their thinking more creatively and productively
  • New tools for generating and evaluation options
  • More creative options and a wider range of alternatives alone or in a group
  • Techniques to identify opportunities that underlie problems
  • Ability to think creatively on demand
  • Team members take personal responsibility for organizational innovation
  • Improved leadership and followership
  • Groups who get along and things get done
  • Creative approaches to working on challenges
  • Maximize productivity and improve time management