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Innovation for sustainability

Developing Creative Solutions for People, Planet and Profits


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sustainable innovation facilitation new & improved innovationPurpose


To expand the scope of value creation beyond financial performance goals to also include greater good” elements.

  • Do you want to step up your game on profitability and also make the world a better place to live?
  • Is your team or organization on a mission to be more conscious of the social and environmental impact of its products, services or strategies? 
  • Do you need to develop more stress-reducing, life-affirming or wellness-oriented values, visions, policies or practices?
  • Are you looking for innovative ways to generate breakthrough solutions that are good for your organization, you, your people, their families, communities … and the world?
  • Do you wish you could tap into the minds and hearts of ecologically- and socially-conscious creative people (who are able to defer judgment, and think incredibly broadly) to assist in your sustainability and innovation initiatives?




Triple Bottom-line Facilitated Ideation for Innovation and Sustainability

is designed to generate new insights and diversity of thought that are beneficial for all.  One of the most efficient ways to gain these benefits is to engage people whose creative ways aren’t bound by the same rules, assumptions and restrictions as most people, and who bring a passion and expertise specific to your sustainability endeavors. 

Choreographing the right mix of team members is essential. That’s why New & Improved recruits industry and sustainability experts who will be the most stimulating for your team’s creative juices. Our Conscious Creatives are available in the New York, Atlanta, Minneapolis and San Francisco areas, or in any other locale that serves your needs.


And, if you’d like to get great thinking from the end-users in your value chain, our Conscious Consumers are what you need for Triple Bottom-line input and stimulation. Our strong network of creative thinkers with a conscious consumption lifestyle is ready to help.




Beyond Brainstorming!

People often have their greatest insights and “ah-ha moments” when they’re not consciously thinking about the problem they’re trying to solve. Our primitive thinking pattern (we call it Gator Brain) wants us to believe that we can control the exact moment a breakthrough idea is going to occur by “intending to be creative”, but you probably know from your own experience that that’s simply not true. Once you hold a strong intention to solve a problem, most of the best ideas just “pop up out of the blue” when you’re in a non-thinking mode, for example when you’re: 

  • doing some sort of repetitive motion activity like long distance driving, jogging, showering or mowing the lawn;
  • connecting with nature such as; wandering in the woods, climbing a mountain or listening to the haunting call of a loon across a moonlit lake;
  • participating in a meditative practice like daydreaming, walking a labyrinth, cloud gazing or just awakening from a night’s dream;
  • feeling healthy, vibrant, well-nourished and in tune with all your senses. 

This is actually a good thing and we can use it to our advantage!


Although we’re unaware of it, our subconscious is working on problems we care about all the time, even when we’re sleeping, and it is precisely these times of zoning out, times of not working on the problem, that allow space for those highly desirable, yet normally elusive, “eureka moments” to emerge.


During our Triple Bottom-line processes we provide your team with ample time for incubation to increase the probability of those “out of the blue” moments occurring, as well as time for external stimulation from our Conscious Creatives, cross-team dialogue and idea-building. The Triple Bottom-line interweave of tuning out and tuning in, alone time and group time, is well, let’s just say, it will take your team out of your Gator Brain and well beyond brainstorming-as-usual. You’ll get unusual, yet workable options, solutions, concepts and strategies, and our world will benefit along with your bottom-line.


Target Audience


Innovation, marketing & advertising teams and any other corporate group charged with finding sustainable solutions to their internal or external challenges


*New & Improved will provide a group of Conscious Creatives from outside the organization to expand diversity and perspective. What is a Conscious Creative?


Group Size


Up to 8 is optimal




3 to 6 Days


*Projects are customized in length and scope based on your team's needs and objectives.  Ask us about our deep-dive Triple Bottom-line initiatives that can span from a month to a year.


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Program Objectives


New & Improved's Triple Bottom-line processes serve the needs of teams, organizations and individual entrepreneurs in developing business solutions, visioning, branding, positioning, developing new product and service concepts and resolving team issues in:

  • Achieving a better balance between the realities of market pressures and the desire for sustainability
  • Initiating or strengthening on-going corporate sustainability enterprises
  • Increasing alternative energy sources and carbon neutral programs
  • Developing green products, internal processes, architecture, etc.
  • Improving the quality of food production / nutrition
  • Enhancing environmental awareness and protection skills / processes
  • Supporting social entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Developing science-based mind-body-spirit wellness programs
  • Enhancing outdoor adventure / eco-travel businesses
  • Inspiring and developing conscious capitalism enterprises
  • And, whatever other areas of conscious impact you may be working in...
So here’s what really happens. We put a bunch of people who know a lot of cool stuff about sustainability together with your team in a naturally-beautiful and inspiring setting, take away everyone’s gadgets and gizmos, turn off the rules for normal thinking, suspend the laws of physics, and have a lot of fun doing strange activities to punch through conventional thinking. Ou ... Read More >t of the box thinking replaces normal thinking. Breakthroughs take place. Big ideas result. People are amazed. Choirs of angels sing. And then everyone leaves and pretends nothing unique happened, and that they didn't give in to the fun and frenzy, quiet incubation time or intentional conversations of a facilitated session. Yet the solutions and action plans that were developed create extraordinary results. Secretly, they’re all smiling like a Cheshire Gator.