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Building a sustainable culture where innovation can thrive -- and drive results -- takes courage, tenacity and a desire to make a lasting difference.

— Bob Eckert, CEO, New & Improved

Innovation Onboarding

A comprehensive 3 to 6 month Program to ensure long-term success


New & Improved innovation onboarding

In order to build and foster a climate for sustainable innovation within every business line, there is a progressive sequence of activities to jump-start these efforts.


Innovation OnBoarding Definition 

A mechanism through which employees of an enterprise acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, behaviors and system supports to become effective members of an innovative organization.



To be strategic and informed about what it takes to get a serious start on building a sustained - and unstoppable - culture of innovation.







Innovation Culture Audit


Consulting with the core innovation team to:
  • Assess and review current state of innovation culture with in-depth Innovation Culture Audit
  • Scan and advise for areas requiring effort / focused attention
  • Begin developing your organization's Innovation Roadmap
  • Strengthen leadership alignment and engagement 

targeted training icon

TArgeted Training


Develop core and leader skills needed to execute your Innovation Roadmap:

  • Innovation Mind-set, Skill-set and Tool-set Training for Innovation Culture Change Team & Influential Employees

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Strategic Plan Facilitation


Engage an Innovation Expert to guide your innovation strategic planning effort to:

  • Forge prioritized plans of action which address gaps in effort, balance dangerous obsessions, foster leadership engagement, align accountability and identify key measurements.


Learn about the 12 key strategic moves


>Go to 12 Strategies

>Contact an Innovation Consultant

>Request a Proposal

>Make the Business Case for Innovation

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Note to Senior Leaders:

When the timing is right, it's wise to move quickly and intensively (this means with resources - people and budget). Tepid efforts often don't survive changes in leadership or market dynamics - creating yet another story about "flavor of the month" initiatives from senior leadership.
There are many "Inconvenient Truths."  Here's one related to innovation: Half-vast efforts yield mediocre results. That's just the way it is. The world clamors "Innovation this" and "Innovation that" at every corner. But few of these brags are really more than an aspirational, brand image boosting chunk of marketing to employees and potential investors. If you want the real ... Read More >deal, it will take real effort. A view beyond the next quarter. A willingness to jump into the pool with more than an extended toe. Toes make great treats for gators-in-waiting like me. But a high energy jump by a committed group of gator-tamers just scares me and my fellow innovation inhibitors away. You know that's what you want, but are you brave enough to go for it? Those are tasty looking toes you have.