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I met yesterday with one of the participants in your Creative Thinking class. She had an issue with her manager, and was prepared to confront her with her feelings. She’d written up a document, but after the class she rethought her approach. The initial document was accusatory and inflammatory. The second was more “we” and problem solving centered. She was quite pleased with herself and felt strongly that it was the class that helped her redesign her approach. Bravo!

— Middlebury College

Innovation for Results:

IMMEDIATELY Applicable Methods for Design Thinking & Creative Problem Solving

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Innovation for Results teaches participants a proven process for making creativity and innovation happen by both creating opportunities, and solving problems rapidly - even during the training. We're tired of innovation oriented trainings that produce potential but not guaranteed results. This program is structured to be an immediate profit center rather than a sunk cost. 


A highly interactive working session that provides participants with a range of creative problem solving, creativity and innovation tools / techniques, plus a framework in which to apply the skills, eliminating frustration and wheel-spinning. This innovation training program is particularly appropriate for anyone in the organization who needs to identify problems, generate ideas, or participate in implementing plans of action. (Everyone!) Individuals in this program accomplish real work by applying their new design thinking methods and creative problem solving techniques to real personal or organizational challenges, which results in a positive return on investment from innovation efforts. Past participants have focused on creating breakthrough products, enhancing productivity, improving manufacturing lines, strategic planning and much more. Graduates experience significant gains in team effectiveness and efficiency, not to mention bragging rights on millions of dollars in savings or new top line revenue.


1–3 Days    Up to 24

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Key Benefits

  • Provides creative thinking and innovation tools and techniques for generating and evaluating ideas
  • Effective ways to solve organizational innovation problems efficiently.
  • Enables individuals, groups and teams to share a common language and process for creative problem solving
  • Drastically reduces the time required for implementing innovative solutions
  • Provides the root cause analysis skills to fully understand challenges to yield creative solutions to complex issues.
  • Marshals the power of the innovation team to find innovative solutions quickly
  • Fosters a culture of innovation throughout the organization
  • Creates more productive and effective meetings
  • Earn 16 hours of Professional Development hours or Continuing Education Units for Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (IIBA) 
The mind: what a terrible thing to waste. Here’s a fact: you are capable of incredible improvements in your ability to think creatively and solve gnarly problems. Really. With the right innovation training, tools and techniques, you can fire off creative synaptic connections you didn’t even know you had. What? You didn’t know you had synaptic connections? Of course you do! A ... Read More >nd you don’t even need to subscribe to some plan with free nights and weekend connection minutes. You have them already! Imagine if you can get them firing faster and more frequently, you can amaze and impress your friends and family with your feats of creative genius (not feet. If you want that, talk to the Joffrey Ballet). We’re not talking a bunch of useless, mindless, seriously in-need-of-medication creativity and creative craziness here. We’re talking about training your thinking and your innovative brain to generate useful, novel ideas on demand. When you need them. Exactly when. So you can create growth through innovation and new value for anything you’re involved with. If enough humans were doing that regularly, maybe we would solve some of the world’s sticky problems instead of perpetuating them. Now there’s an idea!