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PRODUCT: Innovation Catalyst Power-Pack

A Go-To set of essential resources designed to accelerate your success!

*Normal Retail Price: $245.99!

This power-pack will put resources at your fingertips to spark creativity in your self, your team and your organization.




1. More Lightning Less Thunder: How to Energize Innovation Teams

- This seminal book on team collaboration introduces you to the fundamental behaviors and attitudes necessary for high-functioning creative teams. 



2. Personal Innovation Thinking Style Assessment + Tapping Into Innovation Energies eLearning Course

- Learn your Innovation Thinking Style, gain insights into the different styles of others and how to leverage them to maximize your organization's innovation and problem solving efforts.



3. Innovation for Results Tool Cards (set of 15 tools)

- A robust selection of hands-on tool cards detailing divergent and convergent thinking techniques.



4. Productive Meeting Guide

- This tool will aid you during leadership and governance meetings (a nudge forward to steadily drive creative collaboration).


5. Creative Problem Solving Cheat Sheet

- Easy to follow guidelines for divergence and convergence through the 6-step creative problem solving process, as well as specific tools and methods you’ll find useful at the various stages.

6. Innovation Igniting Postcards 

- 12 inspirational reminder cards of things that can get in the way of creativity and innovation. 

7. Innovation Assessment Tool for Organizations

- A tool to assess the 12 innovation factors for success in your organization. Flip the page over to quickly gauge your starting point as an innovation leader.


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