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Very dynamic and lively facilitator. Learning creativity always promises to be fun, but they take it to the next level. The unique style has a way of keeping participants interested.

— Simon School of Business

How to Create & Sustain Enterprise Innovation

New & Improved enterprise innovationPurpose

Focused on the skills and roadmap needed by mid-level and senior leaders to establish organization-wide systems, policies & procedures that support a long lasting innovation culture.


Successful organizations must find ways to sustain innovation over the long haul. Wise leaders see innovation not just as a new product or service, but as a way of working to find opportunities in every job in their organization. Whether it’s to improve the top-line or bottom-line, implementing new solutions that add value to the organization requires leadership and teams working together – with different tools, techniques, skills, attitudes, and values than those used to sustain the status quo.

The participants leave equipped with an innovation roadmap that describes clearly the path for individuals and teams to bring innovation to the enterprise. They’ll understand the 10 types of innovation so efforts focus not just in new products, but also in business models, processes, service and delivery.

The course provides research validated clarity about the leadership behaviors that foster – or kill – the organization's innovation culture, uncovering the truth and fiction about what the blocks and barriers are to the development and implementation of profitable new solutions.


2 Days

 Group Size

  Up to 24
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Key Benefits

  • In–house experts who can quickly find new ideas, innovative solutions, cost reduction suggestions, and growth initiatives.
  • Company gains facilitators who are comfortable leading groups through the creative process
  • On–site champions of innovation and creative thinking.
  • More productive and effective meetings
  • Enhanced process–consulting skills, enabling individuals to work with clients to uncover key goals and underlying challenges for organizational breakthroughs
  • Improved creative problem solving abilities
  • Leadership, teaching, presentation and listening skills sharpened
  • Faster and more effective decision–making
  • Delivers direct impact to the organization by teaching people to create innovative solutions with everyday and/or significant workplace challenges
Meetings: Whether for sharing data, generating ideas, building solutions, or trying to fix something, they have to be the biggest energy and time sink hole that exists this side of the nearest black hole (which hopefully isn’t that close). Organizational creativity is constantly crushed by the gravitational pull of inefficient meetings. Unless there’s a facilitator who owns ... Read More >the process, but doesn’t control the content. Too many of our meetings are unproductively dominated by the alpha male, the alpha female or the MOUTH of the moment. It’s tiresome. Unproductive. And not much fun. A good facilitator can not only keep that from happening, but turn meetings into a thing of beauty: productive, creative, efficient, effective and heck…even enjoyable beauty! If your meetings are sinkholes, add up the hourly rates of the people sitting there wasting time to arrive at lackluster results. If you can do basic math, you’ll see the potential savings in getting a few facilitators trained up. And that gets the rest of the minds in the room freed up to think. To create something new — or improved. Now that’s a meeting worth attending!