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We’re very happy with the results -- you definitely dazzled them! You received the highest ratings any speaker has ever gotten at our [annual] conference! 

— Tribune Corporation

Keynote | Energizing Innovation Teams:

How to Spark a Culture of Innovation

new & improved energizing innovation teams keynotePurpose

This keynote teaches innovation tools that can be used immediately for working together more creatively, productively and effectively. It also sends a message that the corporation is taking action to help groups work together to create more innovative results.


Everyone is creative. It’s part of the human condition. But harnessing the creativity in everyone and putting it to work productively in a group setting can require new ways of working together more effectively. This high–energy, activity–punctuated program provides team members with the skills and tools they need to work with others to improve their potential for innovation. Participants work on interactive challenges designed to help them see beyond barriers to innovation and the obstructions that can be caused by anyone. Team members leave this program energized, more creative, and more productive when working with others.


1 – 4 Hours

Group Size

Up to 1000

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Key Benefits

  • Knowledge of the personal blocks and barriers to innovation, and how to get past them
  • Improved communication among group members
  • More effective leadership and followership for better collaboration
  • More effective and productive meetings
  • Better working relationships
  • New attitudes about being able to innovate
  • Common tools and language with which teams can attack problems and create opportunities