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I want to express my gratitude for everything you did to make our conference such a tremendous success. I was very impressed by how well you related to the people and in turn how they responded to your sincere efforts to help them...I am confident that your positive impact will drive benefits for years to come.

— Sr. VP Operations, Kraft Foods

Keynote | The Innovation Leader is in the mirror:

How to live up to the responsibility for your organization’s success


new & improved energizing change innovationPurpose

Delivers the message that growing the organization is everyone’s job. Provides tools and attitudes for people to begin to make innovation happen at any level — from new hire to CEO — immediately.


Successful organizations demand effective leadership and a focus on innovation to achieve their growth goals. Especially when working in a fast–paced global marketplace, a matrixed organization, an autonomous workgroup, an innovation team or, basically, when the numbers represent a critical challenge. This high–energy, activity–punctuated program provides leaders of all levels, types and functions with the skills and tools to work together more effectively to create new solutions. The participants work on interactive innovation challenges designed to provide insights about the strengths and weaknesses they bring to the organization and to help them define their leadership role within the company. Participants in this program return to work energized to lead and able to develop creative and innovative solutions with their teams.


1–4 Hours

Group Size

8 to 400

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Key Benefits

  • Personal and organizational growth through innovation
  • Improved innovation leadership skills
  • Strategies for developing new products and services
  • New methodologies for process improvement
  • Efficient ways to create radical innovations
  • Participants learn to apply their thinking more creatively and productively
  • New tools for generating and evaluation options
  • More creative options and a wider range of alternatives alone or in a group
  • Techniques to identify opportunities that underlie problems
  • Ability to think creatively on demand
  • Team members take personal responsibility for organizational innovation
  • Improved leadership and followership
  • Groups who get along and things get done
  • Creative approaches to working on challenges
  • Maximize productivity and improve time management
So there’s this nice introduction of the keynote speaker that says how wonderful we are followed by polite applause. Then (likely) we won’t trip on the platform walking up to the podium. We make a joke, people laugh. We tell an inspiring story, the audience smiles. We show fancy graphics, people learn. We provide insightful information, eyebrows raise. We provide captivating ... Read More > examples, people are impressed. The pace picks up, the laughter intensifies, the presentation becomes more poignant and then before you know it… attitudes change, people relax, understanding takes place, motivation occurs, and people have new tools that they can use immediately to make innovation happen. Change occurs, movement begins, and the audience proceeds farther down the road to greatness. And not once do we tell a dirty joke. Not bad, eh? Until this naked guy walks into a bar and…oh never mind.