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I’ve had the privilege of working with New & Improved – this stuff is GREAT! They’ve packaged this material in a way that has enabled us to not only use it “on the job,” but also to share it with team members to upgrade their team effectiveness.

— Pfizer

Developing Innovation Teams:

Individuals Working Together To Create Growth through Innovation

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new & improved developing innovation teamsPurpose

Intense and impactful, this innovative team-building training teaches participants the tools, techniques, attitudes and behaviors that are critical to the kind of teamwork that fosters innovative solutions.


One person can make a difference. But we live in a world of work groups, task forces and innovation teams. What might happen if you had a whole team of innovation experts? This highly active — and interactive — team-focused innovation training provides attendees with the skills, attitudes and tools to improve creativity and productivity, with a dramatic reduction in ineffective communication. By teaching a team development cycle based on key high performance leadership skills (as detailed in the book More Lightning, Less Thunder: How To Energize Innovation Teams), this course helps individuals develop the behaviors necessary to bring innovation to life. Participants work on real organizational challenges — not simulations — to help them immediately experience business relevant success as a team. Consequently, the program brings innovative leadership ideas forward which, when implemented, yield financial gain for the company that may well offset the cost of the program. Groups who participate in this type of innovation team development return to work energized, more creative, better able to communicate… and they get things done.


4 Days

Group Size

Up to 24

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Key Benefits:

  • A common innovation process and language is developed that enables teams to improve problem solving and create opportunities
  • Participants take responsibility to both lead innovatively and follow productively
  • Sharper focus on the individual’s role in making a great team
  • Greater sense of responsibility for enabling or blocking innovation
  • More tools and techniques for enhancing creative problem solving
  • New methods for generating and evaluating ideas
  • Acceptance of the well-intentioned mistakes of others and the ability to leverage the lessons learned
  • Greater focus on the importance of emotional intelligence and behaviors that help make great teams
  • More effective leadership, presentation and listening skills
  • Cultivation of mature risk–taking behaviors
  • Win–win attitudes rather than win–at–all–cost compromises
  • Behaviors directed at constant improvement
Teams. Make that TEAMS!! Do you get as tired of hearing about teamwork as we do? Sheesh! We don’t play football here, we WORK! And yes, we work with other people, but it’s not a GAME! If it were a game, there’d be referees in striped shirts blowing whistles when someone fouls us. If only. Now that we’ve gotten that out of our system, we hope you agree. Like it or not, we all ... Read More > have to work with others. Two groups: one works well together, one does not. Guess which one is more productive? Guess which one is more innovative? Guess which one is more effective? Guess which one has team members who know how to blow the whistle on themselves to make things happen more smoothly. Your prize for guessing correctly: you get to say – and see that you have great innovative teamwork, and everybody thinks that’s a good thing. Or should.