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create growth through innovation





Training programs that develop creative people, effective teams, innovative organizations, and profitable new revenue streams.






Organizational Development



We help you make innovation a part of the way in which work always gets done, by creating a mature strategy which sets you up for long term sustained success.






Innovation Facilitation



Are you working on a challenging problem? We specialize in designing targeted facilitation to get your organization to measurable, successful outcomes.




Innovation-based Keynotes

We bring your audience the tools, techniques and methodologies for an immediately useful understanding of the art and science of creative productivity.




New & Improved, LLC, is a global organizational development firm that focuses on the people skills organizations need to create growth through innovation. We develop groups of individuals who excel at creative thinking and working productively together. We call this



become a certified innovation facilitator


November 6-9, 2018

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Innovation Pencils


See our hotspot for videos, webinars, and much more!



The Truth About Creating Innovation Culture with Bob Eckert.    VIEW OUR VIDEO LIBRARY >

Psssst…hey you. Yes, the one reading how New & Improved helps achieve growth through innovation. I hope you don’t really want this innovation thing. If I had my way it would just be a temporary infatuation and you'd soon move on to the next flavor of the month. That’s right. I want sameness and lazy thinkers. It would be better for me if the pace of change was slowed down ... Read More >to something like... zero. Do you really care if competition takes away a bit of market share? Come on. Just keep your focus on this quarter’s objectives. Innovation changes things! And that can be hard to deal with. Will outside support help? Maybe. I've watched the number of innovation consultants explode recently because Senior Leaders have been reading a stupid thing called “research.” Supposedly, creative collaboration and the ability to sustainably produce innovation is the only long term path to success. I’m telling you that’s crazythink! I’d prefer stuff like this be ignored in favor of more immediate needs. Like – where is my next meal? The one thing that gives me a little hope is inexperienced consulting firms - designed to look hip, sexy and cool - but frequently doing more harm than good. I like that - it makes for murky water and blamestorming. Unfortunately, the folks at New & Improved have been around long enough to beat me at my game. Repeatedly. For 25 years. And they’re on top of the research about what works and doesn’t. I hate that!