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You were a big hit at our meeting last night. You were fun, engaging, comfortable, dynamic, interesting, authentic, and funny!!!!

— Professional Coaches and Mentors Association

Keynote | Breakthrough Thinking:

Creativity and Innovation Tools for Your Brain


New & Improved breakthrough thinking keynotePurpose

Teaches the tools and techniques needed to spark imagination, generate new ideas and break through the blocks to creativity and innovation. Results are immediate.


A motivational and interactive program designed to create an attitude shift in participants that promotes free–flowing creative idea generation and new ways of treating the innovative ideas of others. Audiences learn tools that will quickly cause creativity breakthroughs in individuals and organizations. Packed with useful information and inspiring stories of successful applications of innovation, the program is also considered “a lot of fun.” Groups are inspired to work together with a new focus on creative thinking, innovation and productivity.


1–4 Hours

Group Size

Up to 1000

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Key Benefits

  • Improved creative thinking and innovative results
  • Groups generate more innovative options and a wider range of alternatives
  • Enables participants to better evaluate and strengthen new ideas
  • Inspires a productive new attitude toward innovation leadership
  • Teaches tools and techniques for identifying the opportunities that problems often conceal
  • Enhances idea generation and evaluation by the group
  • Strengthens creative problem solving in all areas of work and life
  • Strengthens emotional intelligence
  • Is motivational and energizes more effective team-building
  • Provides creativity tools and techniques to generate breakthrough solutions on–demand
  • Is a great innovation initiative kick–off
Everybody these days yaks and yaks about the need for innovation and creative thinking. Few people know what it really is, and even fewer people can pump it out on demand. If you want your people to get it, and give it, then we’d like to help you out. What metaphorically floats our proverbial boat is energizing the innovative brains of the people we come in contact with…spar ... Read More >king people so they can access the amazing ideas that are dancing around in their gray matter. We care about it because the world needs more of it. So we know that the world needs more than an entertaining keynote, but one that also gets results! Results in terms of more creative and productive thinking and innovative solutions in the organization. Now that’s something to yak about!