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innovation leadership Executive Coaching

One-on-one or group


New & improved executive coaching


Our innovation-focused leadership coaching enables leaders to build and sustain a robust innovation culture. Innovation coaching strengthens skills for leading and motivating teams to deliver results that exceed expectations. Our leadership coaches have years of experience working in partnership with leaders ranging from the C-suite to newly emerging high-potentials. Our innovation-focused leadership coaching is a great way to deepen and energize the new skills learned during our training programs.

In organizations where we have been invited to provide one-on-one leadership coaching to several individual leaders, this creates an opportunity to connect leaders together into a learning community. Leaders engage in a community of practice that rapidly escalates the pace of change and develops a vibrant workplace culture of growth. Both human growth, and growth in new value. Read: strengthened bottom line.


Innovation-focused leadership coaching is targeted at leaders at all levels of the organization. It is designed to help the leader focus and develop a new and improved presence and communication competencies in leading and managing teams to successfully produce new and sustained value. Through work with their coach, the leader and their teams learn the essential conversations needed to envision, clarify, strategize, develop, mobilize and commit to action. Leaders learn creative and strategic thinking techniques and key practices to develop and execute change.

Before or following one of our training program, we begin one-on-one coaching sessions with an assessment of the individual’s learning goals, often including a 360 feedback assessment from their supervisor, peers and direct reports. We then work with the leader and often their supervisor to create a customized focused leadership development program. Sessions are typically biweekly and conducted in person or virtually by phone or internet. Sometimes the coach spends a day or two working with the leader and team on-site in addressing a critical project or project phase. We are proud to say that leaders we have coached, who focus commitment and time to grow, significant positive differences in the innovative results category are produced.


Ongoing. Typically 6-9 months

Group Size

One on one
Team option for group of leaders


On–site or by telephone/internet

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Key Benefits

  • Improved innovation leadership effectiveness
  • Improved team effectiveness
  • Enhanced personal innovation skills and abilities
  • Increased ability to manage innovation and change
  • More effective and productive individuals, groups and teams
  • Better understanding of the science of innovation management
  • Clarity on leadership strengths and weaknesses in the context of the organization's needs
  • Identification of barriers to innovation success
  • The creation of breakthroughs in interpersonal relationships
  • Improved communication with colleagues
  • Reinforces innovation training to ensure maximum application