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Bring out the best ideas with Brainwriting
Posted 1/29/2016 by New & Improved, LLC
It can be challenging to remember exactly how to best apply newly acquired, or infrequently used creativity tools. That's why we've designed a convenient set of "how-to" cards. Use them to strengthen your efficiency and effectiveness with a variety of creativity and critical thinking methods.

These tool cards provide you with a robust selection of divergent and convergent techniques that will support you through the entire Creative Problem Solving process.

is one of the many techniques available in your new & improved toolbox. Here are step-by-step instructions for using this tool and access to a soft copy of the tool card.

Want to learn about all of the available tools or to purchase a full deck of tool cards? They're great for planning any kind of problem solving meeting.   Contact us.

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Use this technique to build on options in silence.

When to brainwrite:

To generate ideas that are easier to implement
To generate options with introverted, quiet people
When an intimidating person is in the group
When you can't get everyone in the same location and you need to use a virtual collaboration system

How to brainwrite:
1.  Create one worksheet per person (plus one extra) with a grid of 3 squares across and 3 down.
2.  Write your question at the top of the page.
3.  Each individual writes one option per square across the top row.
4.  As you finish, exchange your form for the extra sheet. Build on the options already written, or create new ones.  Write three more options on a new row, then switch again.  Repeat!

Here's an example:


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