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Innovation Leadership - 6 Values that Foster an Innovative Climate
Posted 4/17/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
A leader's behavior has a direct impact on innovation culture. Often well intended managers stifle innovation. Learn more about the values an innovative leader should hold dear. And, how living these values will foster a more supportive climate for creative thinking and innovation.
Innovation Governance: Optimize your Innovation Pipeline
Posted 4/9/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
Establishing a pipeline for product development is important, but it's only a first step. The flow of ideas may quickly get bogged down. One "Big Pharma" company saved millions by unclogging its pipeline with POINt, an easy and powerful tool.
Innovation Strategy: Blind Spots are Dangerous!
Posted 4/1/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
Do you have all of your innovation strategies in one or two categories? If so, this could be risky in the long-term. Uncover innovation blind spots and preferences before it's too late. Read on for some specific examples, watch-outs and success tips.
Building a Culture of Innovation: It takes more than wishful thinking
Posted 3/11/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
Often when senior leaders unveil an innovation initiative, there's great enthusiasm - perhaps the office is redesigned, an idea management systems is implemented or an ad-hoc innovation task force is created. Over time, these efforts can become disjointed and innovation fatigue sets-in diminishing the ROI. Find out how focus can...
Creative Problem Solving: How to do it, How it works.
Posted 3/5/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
CPS Creative Problem Solving ProcessThe 6 Key Stages of Creative Problem Solving. The process of CPS is already in your DNA, but with practice and a full understanding of its six stages, you can become a creative powerhouse!
Innovation + Experimentation: Don't let short-term objectives eat Innovation for lunch
Posted 2/18/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
12 Strategies for Innovation Excellence - #6 in our series is - Experimentation. Occasionally we get lucky and stumble upon a creative idea that we act upon. That's always nice, but no question about it, to be successful for the long-term a more robust strategy is needed. Read on for some good examples from Ericsson, Adobe and Rite-Solutions.
Innovation Leadership: 4 Common Mistakes that Stifle Innovation
Posted 2/9/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
Executive with arrowsBefore you pat yourself on the back for supporting innovation in your organization, be sure you aren't making these common mistakes.
Creative Spaces: Are You Wasting Your Money and Effort?
Posted 2/5/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
The 12 Strategies for Innovation Excellence - Series #5 - Environment. "Buyer Beware", simply designing a creative space may actually thwart - not enable - your innovation efforts if you don't keep some key factors in mind. Keep reading to learn success tips and common well-intentioned mistakes to avoid.
Innovation and Positive Thinking: 3 Conspiracies to Kill Your Future
Posted 1/27/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
3conspiraciestokillyourfuturelinkedinLarge (4)Pessimists rarely produce sustained cultures of innovation. Yet most media feeds, as part of their business model, tend to energize pessimism. It is possible to inoculate oneself such that realistic optimism flows through your mind and the minds of those you lead. Here are a few uncommonly known tricks...
Innovation Platforms: 3 Ways to Create The Future
Posted 1/22/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
Leadership on a team spheresRadically Hydrophobic Metal might jumpstart a lot of new innovation. Get there before your competitor realizes its value.
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