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Bring out the best ideas with Brainwriting
Posted 1/29/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

It's hard to get everyone in the same room when you want to generate new ideas. Brainwriting is a great way to collaborate virtually.
Highlighting the best idea
Posted 1/28/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

Use this tool when you have lots of options that need to be clustered and synthesized. It will help you select and strengthen the best idea. 

Redesign your thinking
Posted 1/26/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

One style of approach to Creative Problem Solving is known as Design Thinking, and there are elements of this approach that are beneficial filters all through the divergent and convergent aspects of the creative process. Keep these favorites in mind as you work from your goal to your implemented solution.
There's a better way to choose the best idea
Posted 1/23/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

There's a better way to choose the best idea. Use this evaluation matrix to measure options, or to pick the best and identify improvements.
Let your ideas shine
Posted 1/23/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

'Star' is the ideal tool for converging many options quickly, whether you're working alone or with a group of 100!

Brainstorming - how to ensure you're doing it right
Posted 1/22/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

If you think that you know how to brainstorm, read this to ensure that you're doing it right.  
Win over the resisters
Posted 1/14/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

You'll need buy-in if your plan is going to succeed. Use our tool to win over resisters and energize assisters.

put Mind Mapping to work
Posted 1/9/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

Many of today's challenges are incredibly complex. Here's a tool to help untangle and map the terrain of a complicated challenge.  
Forced Connections for novel ideas
Posted 1/9/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

Looking to really stretch beyond the ordinary?  Forced connections is a powerful creativity tool that helps to break free of the limits of logical thinking!

SCAMPER to new ideas
Posted 1/6/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

Want a quick way to generate ideas from a variety of perspectives?  

SCAMPER is a question checklist that will help jumpstart your idea generation efforts. Learn how.
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