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Innovation and the Paternity Test
Posted 3/17/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
POINt tool makes Pfizer Money in Turkey. Paternity Test is Positive.
"New and Valuable" beats "New" everytime
Posted 3/2/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
Scott Berkun wrote a great opinion piece in BusinessWeek about the fallacy of chasing innovation just for the sake of innovation. It's a nice articulation of why, in his words, "'good' beats 'innovative' every time." While the argument is solid, I'd argue that his use of terminology is flawed.
Are You Ready to Go into Space?
Posted 2/19/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
Burt Rutan and Richard Branson are guys who do more than complain about the government. They make things happen by going (technologically and business-model-wise) where no one has gone before. Space Tourism.
Neuroscience, Will and Mental Mastery
Posted 2/16/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
Learn more about using your will to manage your creative thinking by understanding a recent neuroscience breaklthrough.
Innovation Leadership Training in Istanbul March 1, 2010
Posted 2/4/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
VW Innovates by Looking Back
Posted 1/29/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
When your offering has some cultural value attached to it, apply some creative thinking to see what you can do to leverage it. While the campaign is too new for us to know if it will work, consider it stimulus for you to answer these questions...
The Most Under-Appreciated Approach to Idea-Generation
Posted 1/27/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
Finding Fixes For Gnarly Global Problems
Posted 1/26/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
Posted 1/22/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
Global Innovation Challenge Survey Says We Should Be Chinese Parents. Huh?
Posted 1/18/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
In America, too many blue-ribbon panels on innovation, made up of governement and/or business leaders focus on math & computer science as THE cure-all for innovation. But that is simply not enough.
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