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Men (and women who like to laugh with them) Listen UP!
Posted 5/20/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
Are you wondering how your organization can come up with a high-falootin’, toothy, game-changing solution that will send a powerful signal to clients that you are the innovator they will want to do business with? Read on for an irreverant example from Powerful Yogurt.
Announcing the First Great Innovative Brain POINt CONTEST!
Posted 5/15/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
Announcing the First Great Innovative Brain POINt CONTEST! You could WIN one of three fabulous prizes, or at least have a great time trying.
From blah to brilliant...this isn't your father's coffee vending experience
Posted 5/6/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
“We all know that big payoffs come from big risks,” say our favorite authors, Bob Eckert and Jonathan Vehar, but it’s not easy to take those risks. Consider the risk UK-based Costa Coffee faced when approached by Coffee Nation about forming a new and innovative brand alliance.
Innovation's chain-saw massacre
Posted 5/3/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
Check out this slapstick yet educational video full of wise words that, if heeded, will have you sleeping like a baby while your competitors run for the trees.
Innovators, should you be willing to compromise?
Posted 4/25/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
Innovators, should you be willing to compromise? The answer from this wildly successful entrepreneur might surprise you.
What Really Drives Innovation: The Top 10 List
Posted 4/23/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
If you're exploring how to drive innovation within your organization, be sure to keep in mind the single most important driver--and resister--of any innovation effort. Find out what that is, along with 10 tips that can make your job a lot easier.
Cost vs. ROI in achieving and sustaining a culture of innovation
Posted 4/18/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
Here are some powerful statistics, but what does this mean for the average organization? Aha! That's a good question. Are you tired of being average yet?
Microtasking crowd plays key role when disaster strikes
Posted 4/18/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
Read how you can harness the power of text messaging and social media to save lives in a disaster.
Could your innovation efforts use more strategic thinking?
Posted 4/17/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
Download our recent webinar, "Beyond the Next Quarter: Strategic Thinking in a Fast-Paced, Innovative Environment” and other goodies, We had a record number of people attend, representing 16 countries. It's not too late to learn more about this hot topic. Find out how to improve your innovation efforts with strategic thinking.
Götz Werner’s Latest Tenacious Endeavor - unconditional income for everybody
Posted 4/5/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
Allow yourself to be provoked more often. Treat the wild ideas that cross your path with a “that’s fascinating” instead of a “that’s crazy” and you’ll go a long way to feed your creative brain.
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