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I just wanted to pass along the tremendously positive response that I’ve received from the attendees. The “best course I’ve ever taken” and “there are 5 to 6 things that I will incorporate into the REST OF MY LIFE” are two of the comments that say it all to me.

— Director Worldwide Contracts and Outsourcing, Pfizer

Tapping into Innovation Energies

E-learning program and a personalized innovation profile



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Innovation takes all styles of thinking

What are your innovative thinking style preferences?

What innovative style preferences are represented on your team?

Learn more:  >Read Whitepaper:  People Prefer to Do Things Differently


This e-learning program is designed to provide participants with insights into the different innovative thinking styles and how to leverage diverse styles in such a way as to maximize your organization's innovation and problem solving efforts. Specifically, learners come to understand and value the four primary innovation and creative problem solving styles:
  • Clarifier
  • Ideator
  • Implementer
  • Developer
This analytic is not focused on identifying good or bad styles - it is about learning to value and leverage all of the styles to help drive results.

A person's style preference points to where they are most energized in the innovation and problem solving process. For example, clarifiers are energized by asking questions and really understanding the issue. On the other hand, an implementer may find this part of the process uninteresting, but thrives on implementing the plan. Ideators are driven to create newness, while developers find energy in improving things. The key is to understand and leverage this awareness, to maximize innovation initiatives and solve problems well while reducing unproductive interaction.

This e-learning program provides a common collaboration language, strengthens teams by reducing conflict and helps to fuel a culture where innovation can thrive and problems are solved elegantly.


A highly interactive, self-paced program including three components:
  1. Tapping into Innovation Energies: a 30 minute e-learning program developed exclusively by learning design specialists at New & Improved. In this course, learners are introduced to creative style preferences, their connection to innovation fluency, and the implications for team effectiveness.
  2. Innovation Energies survey (FourSight): a 37 question analytic that has been rigorously researched and developed to provide useful insights into participant’s innovative thinking style preference. It was developed and refined over the last 20 years by Gerard Puccio, Ph.D., Director of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State, the State University of New York.
  3. Your Innovation Energies profile results: after completing the online program and survey, participants receive insights into their own creative preferences and innovation style. With this insight, and a willingness to share the results with others on a team, participants report increases in efficiency, creative collaboration, and team creativity. Ultimately leading to improved bottom line results for their organization. More sophisticated team reports and analysis are available as an additional service where desired.
This content and training method is well received and has proven effective in a wide variety of training contexts, from junior to the most senior organizational levels. The characters and imagery have been chosen to connect with audiences of any function, nationality, age, race or gender.

This course is easily scalable. Various clients have found value in offering it to individuals as part of their development, to specific teams, and to the entire enterprise. In each case, people have gained insight into their innovation preferences and leveraged those insights to increase innovation and general productivity. For teams or enterprises, group reports are available.

Note: This program is used as pre-work to our popular Innovation for Results training program.

Basic Course Design (45 minutes)

  • Tapping into Innovation Energies, our e-learning program
  • Innovation Energies survey
  • Your Innovation Energies profile (FourSight)


30-45 minutes

Group Size


What parts of the creative process do you find most energizing? Are you ready to find out? Contact us... we don't bite!
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Key Benefits

As a results of this program, participants will learn to:
  • Understand their own and others innovative thinking and problem solving styles
  • Appreciate and leverage all thinking styles to foster increased innovation more effectively and solve problems elegantly
  • Improve efficiency by reducing time waste and conflict within teams
  • Understand that innovation requires more than creative idea generation
  • Improve their flexibility when working with those with different style preferences than their own
  • Strengthen their ability to work comfortably in stages of the innovation process outside of their personal style preference
  • Increase the likelihood that problems are solved well with fewer unforeseen consequences
We know how hard it is to get a group of people together to learn new skills. It’s hard to schedule the meeting, hard to find the time, it requires travel, people have to dress appropriately, and they have to leave their homes and families and dogs and cats and pet emus behind. We know because we have to do it too. If only someone would invent a technology that allowed peopl ... Read More >e to have content delivered and have two-way communication right at their computer even when they’re at home in their pajamas. Hey! Wait! Someone did! It’s called the internet, and it turns out that it’s a wonderful tool. We've used it to deliver a program that takes no more than 45 minutes to further improve that beautiful innovative brain that sits in your skull. You can take the innovation training course whenever you want: over morning coffee, at lunch, before going to bed, during your commute (if you’re not driving), or when you’re pretending to be paying attention to a conference call (we don’t really recommend the latter). So why not stay home, give up the glamour of the jet-set lifestyle just this once, keep your schedule flexible, and still get the benefit of a training program. We just made it easy —and effective— for you. After all, we’d work in our pajamas every day if we could, so we figure you’d like that opportunity as well.