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Sustainability-led innovation

Increase your opportunities for triple bottom-line impact

May 25 @ 12:00PM EDT (NEW YORK TIME)


Free 60-Minute interactive webinar

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Are you on a mission to be more consCious of the social and environmental impact of your products, services, packaging, processes or strategies?


We hope so! In fact, we feel that given the state of our endangered resources, along with the preponderance of innovative solutions now available, innovating without integrating sustainable practices is just plain irresponsible.


This webinar is for YOU if you’re: 


» A smart marketer looking to upend and disrupt the status quo with breakthrough sustainability products, services and process


» A new product development, marketing or market research manager wanting to create new environmentally-appropriate products or services, or to develop socially-responsible brand positioning to entice your growing population of green customers


» An executive or team leader with an internal business opportunity, manufacturing or packaging challenge, or personnel issue that needs a creative and sustainable approach to communications, leadership or innovation


On this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Generate creative possibilities for the benefit of people, planet, and profit in a new and improved way
  • Create breakthrough ideas for eco-conscious products using ‘deep green consumers’ as stimuli
  • Brainstorm in a way that’s kinder and gentler on participants AND that utilizes people’s natural tendency experience inspired “Aha” moments
  • Speed up your ideation process first by slowing it down
Join in this lively dialogue between Bob Eckert, CEO of New & Improved, and 35 year expert in igniting the flames of world-class cultures of innovation, and William Grace Frost, New & Improved’s expert on facilitating breakthrough possibilities for the triple bottom-line. 


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This Power-Up Innovation Virtual Workshop is Co-Sponsored by:


The Creative Education Foundation's (CEF) vision is to unlock the creative genius in everyone. The CEF's primary training program is the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI), a five-day conference, that welcomes people from all industries to learn deliberate creativity, the tools of innovation, and change leadership.



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