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Mastering & applying creative process in service of a positive future




The Sustainability Innovation Summit has been postponed until Fiscal 2018. Thank you for your interest. Please be on the lookout for further information regarding rescheduling. 


Program Description:


"Real work gets done. New solutions are created. Concepts are strengthened. Failure-proofed action plans are designed."



World-Renowned Innovation Methodology
What happens when you bring together people who have a strong passion for sustainability, with expertise across many domains, and support their skills development in a process that fosters highly-efficient creative collaboration? You make a positive difference.
Great Minds in Creativity
Limited to 50 participants, we will engage in the world-renowned Innovation for Results training from New & Improved. This program strengthens creative and critical thinking skills in a collaborative environment, and then engages participants in co-creative methodologies available via Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, Lean Six Sigma and the Universal Creative Process.
Real, Measurable Progress in Sustainability
Real work gets done. New solutions are created. Concepts are strengthened. Failure-proofed action plans are designed. N&I will hold the space for you to manifest your best creative potential and synergize that with 49 others doing the same for the sake of a better world. You’ll be part of something extraordinary and proudly say “I was there when…”
Summit attendees are leaders of environmental, social and governance progress within their organizations, throughout their supply chain and in their communities. They are innovation and sustainability professionals and practitioners who want to:
  • learn research validated - yet practical - creative processes for generating, evaluating, developing, implementing and speeding positive change
  • create sustainable products, services or processes more rapidly and successfully
  • develop improved action plans to bring forth their unique sustainability-led innovation
  • gain insight regarding their personal innovation style preference and how they can harness it to work collaboratively and creatively with others
  • experience first-hand and share sustainability best practices and tools
  • improve their ability to implement and communicate the business case for sustainability
  • engage and connect with other sustainability professionals


If you fit the description, we want you there. Let's make a difference. Together. Quickly. Sustainably.







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