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Who is New & Improved?

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New & Improved®
is a group of extraordinary (some would simply call us strange) individuals committed to providing great value for our clients. The team comes from a broad range of backgrounds, as you will see from their bios, which follow. Whether their history is one grounded in business, academia, government or social services, they share an understanding of people and the importance of providing tools, techniques, attitudes and approaches to help people work together to create success.

In addition to being incredibly good at what they do, the group is also a heck of a lot of fun. Work with us once and you'll see how much fun it can be to create new and improved… whatever!

Contact us... we don't bite!

Our Global Resources:


Warren Arbuckle
True Black


Tim Dunne
Florian Rustler
Pelin Urgancilar

Anne Weber


Victor Mirshawka, Jr.
Juliana Sánchez-Trujillo


Mary Ellyn Vicksta
Debra Williams
Doug Reid
Newell Eaton
Chuck Dymer

Bob Moore
Allie Middleton
Russ Schoen
Blair Miller

Leadership Team:
Bob Eckert

William Grace Frost
Sheila Delarm

Kristen Peterson
Denise Morgan

Jake Kent


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