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Natalie Jenkins

Location: Urbandale, IA
Fluency: English

Natalie, Director of Strategic Innovation and Innovation Guide at New & Improved, has over 18 years of experience helping organizations across the globe achieve leadership success with creative thinking and innovation. Her role as an innovation catalyst and organizational development guide has her collaborating with her clients to help them develop value producing innovation systems, skills and plans that are in alignment with their strategic goals.

Natalie’s specialty is setting up sustainable innovation initiatives that produce steady positive results for organizations. With a broad awareness of what works and – what does not – on the innovation road, Natalie is respected for matching clients with the best solutions, talent and resources available for their specific situation and culture.

With a real fire–in–the–belly for improved creativity and ethical innovation skills in the world, Natalie is always looking for better ways to move the desire for innovation from aspiration to actuality. She share's this passion to make a difference in a book Demystifying Innovation Culture Efforts (co-authored with Bob Eckert).  Natalie is driven by her desire to find creative ways to energize the small flame that is the beginning of an intentional innovation effort to the roaring bonfire that energizes and sustains itself for a large group of stakeholders. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends at the lake, fishing, hiking and telling stories around campfires that are “just the right size”.

Natalie is passionate about what’s new, what’s improved and what can be for the future. Contact her to discuss your innovation journey.


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