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innovation culture

learn 4 strategic levers that must be activated


APRIL 20, 2017 @ 12:00PM EDT (NEW YORK TIME)


$99/participant 90-Minute Instructor led, LIVE E-Workshop

Eventbrite - Launching Your Innovation Culture




Design your competitive advantage

Perfect Participant: Chief Innovation Officers, Senior Leaders, Innovation Catalysts, Innovation Champions, Division Heads





*Includes recording & Demystifying Innovation Culture Efforts eBook!


Eventbrite - Launching Your Innovation Culture

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Participants of this workshop will be the 1st to receive our new Innovation Ecosystem Roadmap!






Google "Innovation Culture" and you get more than 341 million returns. That's a lot of "expertise" to sort through!


The vast majority of available writing on innovation speaks about developing new products and services.


  • R&D is worthless without differentiating positioning, sales, and marketing. All require innovation.
  • Products are only as good as supply chain, manufacturing, and quality. All require innovation.
  • Sustained success is driven by an entire organizational ecosystem. Every component creates new value through innovation. And only through innovation.

Not much attention has been paid to research-based guidance for building a sustained culture of innovation. If your organization or your division isn't driving innovation the way you desire, it's likely because your strategic design isn't optimized to do so. You and your competitors share the opportunity to gain advantage by paying attention and acting on the guidance we will present.


Someone will get there first. Make it you.


This Power-Up Innovation virtual workshop brings together 60 years of research and over 20 years of practical application to help you develop a well-informed innovation culture strategy.


This eWorkshop is for anyone who wants to improve their ability to:

  • Lead a systems approach to building an organization-wide or division-wide innovation ecosystem
  • Avoid common innovation missteps
  • Strengthen your personal skills as an innovative leader and change agent

Co-authors of Demystifying Innovation Culture, Bob Eckert and Natalie Jenkins, will outline how superior results will emerge when optimal effort is put into the 4 Strategic Levers known to drive a climate and culture for sustainable innovation.


In addition, you'll receive access to a private resource portal loaded with key items such as:

  • Recording of the eWorkshop
  • Presentation slides
  • Access to the Innovation Culture Audit
  • Exclusive special offers and opportunities

Don't leave your innovation culture up to chance or wishful thinking - learn how to design an innovation ecosystem roadmap that is customized to your situation, priorities and starting point.


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This Power-Up Innovation Virtual Workshop is Co-Sponsored by:

The Creative Education Foundation's (CEF) vision is to unlock the creative genius in everyone. The CEF's primary training program is the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI), a five-day conference, that welcomes people from all industries to learn deliberate creativity, the tools of innovation, and change leadership.



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