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Public Event:  Innovation for Results


A Perfect way for small groups and individuals to acquire top-tier training - a true masterclass experience.





OCTOBER 11-12, 2017
8:30 am to 5:00 pm each day




3100 Main, Seminar B
Houston, TX  77002
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Eventbrite - Innovation for Results Workshop & Innovation Lab


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Innovation for Results

The Tools & Techniques for Creative Problem Solvers & Design Thinkers


Program Description:

This globally respected and highly interactive program provides participants with a range of creative problem solving frameworks, productive thinking techniques and innovation tools. In addition to these powerful methods, this unique program includes insight into the behavior required of an innovation leader, and a system to help you be that leader.


Eliminate frustration, unproductive conflict and wheel-spinning once and for all (or at least know how to shift away from them!). You'll work on real challenges that you care about and pursue opportunities that you'll uncover as part of this workshop - prepare to be inspired to take action and have an actual plan to do so. This isn't your ordinary creativity skills program - it's designed to create a transformation.  read more

Learning the skills of an innovator is what this workshop is all about. If you're also curious about how to embed innovation into your organization's climate and culture? »Download Demystifying Innovation Culture Efforts.


Eventbrite - Innovation for Results Workshop & Innovation Lab




Houston Community College's vision is to be a leader in providing high quality, innovative education, leading to students success and completion of workforce and academic programs.

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