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"Turn around" to see a new idea
Posted 1/29/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

It can be challenging to remember exactly how to best apply newly acquired, or infrequently used creativity tools. That's why we've designed a convenient set of "how-to" cards. Use them to strengthen your efficiency and effectiveness with a variety of creativity and critical thinking methods.

These tool cards provide you with a robust selection of divergent and convergent techniques that will support you through the entire Creative Problem Solving process.

Perspectives is one of the many techniques available in your new & improved toolbox. Here are step-by-step instructions for using this tool and access to a soft copy of the tool card.

Want to learn about all of the available tools or to purchase a full deck of tool cards? They're great for planning any kind of problem solving meeting.   Contact us.


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How to use perspectives
1. Thinking about your overall goal, make a list of eight to ten different people, groups or stakeholders that might  be involved in the situation, OR people unrelated to the challenge.

2.  From the list, pick one perspective to start with.

3.  From that perspective, what other options come to mind?

4.  Record your options, pick a new perspective and repeat.


When to use perspectives
To find fresh perspectives to challenges
To break outside of your own mind-set
To consider all stakeholders in a situation

"It would be great if we could increase sales."

1.  Consider possible perspectives
 The customer, the vendor, manufacturing, legal, transportation, technology department, employees, the city,  someone famous

2.  Pick one- the customer

3.  Now generate questions from the customer's perspective:
 How to make purchasing easier?
 How might I get the products faster?
 In what ways might I increase my credit limit?
 What might be all the ways they can make my life easier?

4.  Choose another perspective and repeat

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