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Lemonade Tames the Gator Brain
Posted 10/8/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
Even Bob Eckert, CEO and co-founder of New & Improved, finds that his gator brain can get the better of him. Watch our latest video and learn how he tamed his gator brain with a powerful creative tool we call POINt.
The Innovative Brain - The Value of Being a More Innovative Thinker
Posted 9/30/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
Check out our latest edition of The Innovative Brain, and discover some unexpected values of being a more innovative thinker and much more.
Posted 9/27/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
Welcome to a new series featuring our ebook, Demystifying Innovation Culture Efforts. Each installment will introduce you to one of the 12 Strategies of Innovation Excellence that are required to build a sustained culture of innovation in your organization.
WEBINAR RECORDING - Never Be Closing - How to Use Your Innovative Brain to Create Long Term Wins
Posted 9/16/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
Never Be Closing Download Webinar RecordingWhat's your biggest problems with sales? Watch our most recent webinar and learn how to overcome the most common challenges you may face whether "sales" is officially in your job description or not.
"To err is human; to forgive, divine." What is the apology? Absolutely Necessary.
Posted 9/10/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
SorryOver three hundred years ago, Alexander Pope wrote “To err is human; to forgive, divine..” Forgiving may be divine, but apologizing can be hard, maybe even grueling. We have some tips that will ease your pain. .
Webinar Alert! Never Be Closing - How to Use Your Innovative Brain to Create Long Term Wins
Posted 8/28/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
Join us for our next webinar on Thursday, September 4th at 1:00 PM (NY time). You'll take away 11 key steps that will transform run-of-the-mill calls into productive conversations that build trust and strengthen relationships.
The Innovative Brain - July 2014 Edition
Posted 8/12/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
Just right for the beach, read New & Improved's newsletter, The Innovative Brain.
Influencers Make Trends Contagious
Posted 7/22/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
Social networks and emerging technologies are making anyone a potential influencer. This is causing the world of business a bit of a headache as they try to keep up with, or leverage, new trends. Watch a new video about what it takes to be an influencer.
Turning Wood into Water
Posted 7/7/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
As design thinkers and creative problem solvers, we’re always on the lookout for interesting creations that inspire us. Be inspired by artist and furniture maker, Greg Klassen, and his gorgeous transformations of discarded wood.
Senior Leaders Learn to Overcome Innovation Vertigo
Posted 7/2/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
In its most recent global innovation study, GE has found that executives are beginning to understand the keys to creating a culture of innovation. It's tough work, but, it's critical for remaining competitive. In our newest ebook, we have identified the 12 key areas to creating a culture of innovation which are entirely supported by GE's findings.
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