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Innovation Platforms: 3 Ways to Create The Future
Posted 1/22/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
Leadership on a team spheresRadically Hydrophobic Metal might jumpstart a lot of new innovation. Get there before your competitor realizes its value.
Innovation Leadership: Don't blow it - 6 values to ensure success
Posted 1/16/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
Webinar download hereSuccessful innovation leaders share 6 values which are keys to their prosperity. You'll likely have a surprise or two as you read forward...
Posted 12/15/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
In this next installment of The 12 Strategies for Innovation Excellence, we take a deep dive into Technology. Find out how technology can enhance your innovation efforts. However, "Buyer Beware", simply rolling out new technology isn't enough and can be a costly flop.
Innovative Car Wars
Posted 12/10/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
TE invisible carIncreasingly, it can be difficult to distinguish between car commercials. We found some which celebrate the creative spirit and may inspire you in ways that surprise you.
The 6 Core Values of the Sustained Innovation Leader
Posted 12/4/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
Values drive behavior. Without the correct set of values, aspirations for a sustained culture of innovation will be unmet. There are values that can be lived, by leaders, managers and individual contributors that will develop a sustained innovation culture. Learn what they are, and how to constantly re-energize them.
Update: Phonebloks the Prototype
Posted 11/26/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
Innovation UpdateInnovation Update! Last fall we told you about Phonebloks, a mobile phone made up of separate components that can be clicked together. Now, this idea has moved to be a working prototype designed by Google. Learn how it happened.
Posted 11/19/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
In this next installment of The 12 Strategies for Innovation Excellence, we take a deep dive into Key Measurements. Find out what your organization needs to consider as it tries to balance innovation with quality initiatives.
Posted 10/21/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
In order to build and sustain a culture of innovation, senior leaders need to hold all employees accountable to innovative fostering behaviors. Along with accountability there is also recognition. Often strategies are put in place to reward innovation that can have unintended consequences. Learn more with our deep dive into one of the 12 Strategies for Innovation Excellence - Accountability and Recognition.
Can Creativity be Measured?
Posted 10/16/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
Measuring CreativityThere are many metrics that are tracked and monitored - sales, ROI, costs - just to name a few. As organizations increasingly focus on creativity and innovation there is increased pressure to measure such things as creative potential, innovation quotient, and more. Read on for details on one test that measures creative thinking potential.
Lemonade Tames the Gator Brain
Posted 10/8/2014 by New & Improved, LLC
Even Bob Eckert, CEO and co-founder of New & Improved, finds that his gator brain can get the better of him. Watch our latest video and learn how he tamed his gator brain with a powerful creative tool we call POINt.
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