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Get unstuck with why? what's stopping YOU?
Posted 12/11/2015 by New & Improved, LLC

If you're stuck and don't know how to get started, use this tool to breakthrough barriers.

Solve the right problems with Questions Starters
Posted 12/10/2015 by New & Improved, LLC

So you really, really want to solve a complex challenge?

Many of the biggest creative thinking breakthroughs occur when people make the time to ask the right question. So how might you do that?  
We CAN Create the Future We Want!
Posted 11/3/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
To paraphrase Gandhi: We cannot wait for our children to do it, we must strive to be the change we wish for the future. Steadily improve your CREATIVE problem solving skills! You are being watched.
Humility: The Foundation Value of Innovation Leadership
Posted 10/20/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
If you do research to find out what productive people and teams do when they're working together, you'd discover a list that we call, "Suggestions for working together."  Several of these guidelines require significant humility, things like "Be coachable," Listen generously,"...
You're Perfect: Now Change
Posted 9/15/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
You are a human being. Nothing more, nothing less. Ergo, you can never be perfect even though you can do some pretty amazing things. So, stop wasting time and energy being...
Wasted Meetings: The need for skilled facilitation
Posted 9/10/2015 by New & Improved, LLC

Internal corps of facilitators to assist in problem solving meetings. Meetings can be one of the least efficient processes, or the largest reservoirs of potential in organizations. Unleash the potential by...



Exploration: The Innovation Frontier
Posted 5/15/2015 by New & Improved, LLC

In today's busy environment, it's nearly impossible to find time for lunch, let alone dedicate time to explore outside of your day-to-day objectives. However, if you don't make the time for broader view exploration then your organization will likely miss opportunities to create new value that will foster future success.

Innovation Pointers: Don't kill ideas - Create killer ideas instead
Posted 5/11/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
Kill ideas banner image

If we want robust innovation, we have to change the way we typically evaluate newness. This simple shift in the way we evaluate ideas might just turn an idea that would have been killed into the next breakthrough. Read on and you'll get the point.
12 Powerful Parenting Methods for Raising Creative, Resilient Children
Posted 4/20/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
IMG_4963It is possible to intentionally raise more creative, resilient children. But some of the methods developed and used successfully by the authors might surprise you.
Innovation Leadership - 6 Values that Foster an Innovative Climate
Posted 4/17/2015 by New & Improved, LLC
A leader's behavior has a direct impact on innovation culture. Often well intended managers stifle innovation. Learn more about the values an innovative leader should hold dear. And, how living these values will foster a more supportive climate for creative thinking and innovation.
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