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There's a better way to choose the best idea
Posted 1/23/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

There's a better way to choose the best idea. Use this evaluation matrix to measure options, or to pick the best and identify improvements.
Let your ideas shine
Posted 1/23/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

'Star' is the ideal tool for converging many options quickly, whether you're working alone or with a group of 100!

Brainstorming - how to ensure you're doing it right
Posted 1/22/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

If you think that you know how to brainstorm, read this to ensure that you're doing it right.  
Win over the resisters
Posted 1/14/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

You'll need buy-in if your plan is going to succeed. Use our tool to win over resisters and energize assisters.

Don't miss the next great idea
Posted 1/13/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

Bashing new ideas is NOT the best way to promote the creation of innovative solutions. Use Praise First!
put Mind Mapping to work
Posted 1/9/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

Many of today's challenges are incredibly complex. Here's a tool to help untangle and map the terrain of a complicated challenge.  
Forced Connections for novel ideas
Posted 1/9/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

Looking to really stretch beyond the ordinary?  Forced connections is a powerful creativity tool that helps to break free of the limits of logical thinking!

SCAMPER to new ideas
Posted 1/6/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

Want a quick way to generate ideas from a variety of perspectives?  

SCAMPER is a question checklist that will help jumpstart your idea generation efforts. Learn how.
Get unstuck with why? what's stopping YOU?
Posted 12/11/2015 by New & Improved, LLC

If you're stuck and don't know how to get started, use this tool to breakthrough barriers.

Solve the right problems with Questions Starters
Posted 12/10/2015 by New & Improved, LLC

So you really, really want to solve a complex challenge?

Many of the biggest creative thinking breakthroughs occur when people make the time to ask the right question. So how might you do that?  
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