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Your Story Isn't My Story: How to Understand Why No One Understands
Posted 6/1/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
In speaking with other neighbors, it was instructive to learn that they had drawn other conclusions from the noise/lights that that woke them suddenly, everything from "tornado" to "this is the end!" Still not my favorite response though... In our senior innovation leadership development programs, we work to help create more awareness of how different people will hear or see the same thing, but come to completely different conclusions based on the data they're paying attention to and their interpretation of it...
CEO Study Finds "Creative Leadership" Most Important Quality
Posted 5/21/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
More than integrity (52%), global thinking (35%), and influence (30%), the 1500+ CEOs interviewed by IBM for their bi-annual study said that creativity (60%) was the most important leadership quality necessary for the next five years. The CEO's also said that the ability to deal with complexity was the biggest challenge they faced.
Core Principles of Innovation for Results – DOWNLOAD this FREE Webinar now!
Posted 5/18/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
Available on Kindle! More Lightning, Less Thunder: How to Energize Innovation Teams
Posted 5/11/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
Open Innovation: Created by Systems, Powered by Culture
Posted 5/11/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
So during the presentation, I asked the question, "For successful open innovation, what percentage would you attribute to having the proper mindset or culture?" I was expecting 50% or less, but the speaker blew my mind...
Out of, Inside, And About "The Box"
Posted 4/28/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
Props to Puma for working to think outside of, inside, and about the box to reinvent it. And I'm speaking literally here, not metaphorically or in the manner of a trite expression.
Core Principles of Innovation for Results – Free Webinar!
Posted 4/26/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
While our face-to-face trainings focus on learning while creating real work solutions that yield positive return-on-investment, for this webinar we’ve distilled the essence of our two-day training in creative thinking and innovation into one easily digestible hour that should be education, informative, and perhaps a bit of fun.
Truly Great Minds DON'T Think Alike
Posted 4/21/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
There's an expression that says, "Great minds think alike." However, after two decades of studying creative thinking, we've come to the conclusion that it's simply not true. We believe that, "If everybody is thinking alike, then only one person is thinking."
The Secret of Creating Change in Your Organization (Hint: It's not just about the business case.)
Posted 4/8/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
Heath makes the case that most leaders focus on convincing the rational (cortex-oriented thinking) aspects of individuals, and completely ignore the emotional (lymbic-gator brain) interests, and he's right. That doesn't mean you create fear as a motivator...
How Wild Can The Idea Really Be?
Posted 4/7/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
One of the ideas (that made it into the materials) was critiqued by one of the partners (who shall go nameless) as "too crazy."
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