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Electrifying the Gator Brain: The Secret to Managing Expectations
Posted 2/23/2011 by New & Improved, LLC
The new Chevy Volt electric car is now in the hands of owners, since the first deliveries happened in mid-December. A few weeks earlier than that, a couple of us had the opportunity to drive a Volt on the street. Afterward, when asked about how the vehicle drove, the honest reply was...
Innovation and Economic Rebirth
Posted 2/9/2011 by New & Improved, LLC
Is your country or company sufficiently focused on innovation?
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Posted 1/24/2011 by New & Improved, LLC
Obstacles to Innovation
Posted 12/14/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
What might be some of the key barriers to innovation? Here is a fun, quick take on that question.
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Posted 11/18/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
Provocative thought for the day: Why are children in schools grouped by age first? Why not ability?
Posted 10/28/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
This RSA-animated presentation (love the learning methodology!!) featuring Sir Ken Robinson made me go: "Wow, why didn't I think of that?" when he asked (among other things) why we organize schools...
Fortune 1000 Execs hungry for innovation, blocked by barriers
Posted 10/26/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
Key findings of a recent Harris Interactive survey of Fortune 1000 Executives' perspective on enterprise innovation include: - Almost all execs say that enterprise innovation is criticalf or driving growth, profitability, getting/keeping talent, and brand prestige. - Most execs say that enterprise innovation is key, but a majority say they only focus on product innovation. - Almost half say their company has no innovation team/process...
Gnu & Improv Ed co-creator wins Emmy, gets profiled!
Posted 10/18/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
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Posted 10/7/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
Are people a fungible commodity? If so, so's their loyalty and innovation.
Posted 10/1/2010 by New & Improved, LLC
Our take? When you stop considering your people as the most important part of the business, they start looking for someone who will pay attention to them. That's why managers of high performance teams focus like a laser on BOTH: a) the work (good management) and b) the people (good leadership). When one treats people like a commodity to be acquired or off-loaded, then the people view their job the same way. Layoffs are a double-edged sword...
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