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The Blurred Lines of Innovation Strategy
Posted 5/4/2016 by New & Improved, LLC
Successful innovation companies understand that they cannot exclusively focus on new product development. They know that there's a complex network of strategic action areas they need to tend to.
Swat at what's bugging you
Posted 3/15/2016 by New & Improved, LLC
Paper towels that rip, slow internet connection in hotels, people talking loudly on cell phones in trains, a boss with unreasonable expectations - there are plenty of things that bug us. But, for every person, place, or thing that bugs us there's an opportunity to innovate, to make it better. Learn how to use Bug List to turn negatives into positives.
Do we REALLY desire innovation?
Posted 3/10/2016 by New & Improved, LLC



We are often told that innovation takes "thinking outside the box." But every day we face boundaries in our organizations, our communities and ourselves. Yet, it is possible to innovate by "thinking INSIDE the box." Learn how boxes can be beneficial.

Creating an Innovation Culture in the Family
Posted 3/1/2016 by New & Improved, LLC
A personal story from Bob Eckert about how his 9 year old son, Luke, helped him see his gator brain. An evaluation tool, POINt, helped to explore possibilities.
2.0 Wasted Meetings: The Need for Skilled Faciliation
Posted 2/28/2016 by dmorgan
Rules for Living
Posted 2/25/2016 by New & Improved, LLC
The emotional intelligence inherent in knowing these rules is a fundamental building block for innovation leadership.
4 Keys that Make Innovation Training Stick
Posted 2/17/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

Over the past 25 years, we’ve come to a shared conclusion that most of the value of a training workshop in creative thinking comes from four key principles.  


Whether the course lasts for an hour, a day, a week, or a semester, this is what it takes to make training stick.

Sorting things out
Posted 1/30/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

When you're faced with many ideas or options, it's important to sort and rank your options. Save time, sort through all your options, and find the best one.

Bring out the best ideas with Brainwriting
Posted 1/29/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

It's hard to get everyone in the same room when you want to generate new ideas. Brainwriting is a great way to collaborate virtually.
"Turn around" to see a new idea
Posted 1/29/2016 by New & Improved, LLC

Stuck in a thinking rut?  Use different perspectives to look at a situation from new viewpoints, and generate dozens of unique, new options.
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