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Steve Jobs is Dead. What's NeXT?
Posted 11/11/2011 by New & Improved, LLC
The budget office bought me a Macintosh computer to cut what they viewed as exorbitant costs for the typography services I was purchasing for the agency's public documents. It was 1984, shortly after the famous Superbowl ad depicting the unnamed heroine smashing "Big Brother", saving humanity from conformity. I was furious.
The Difference Between Mistakes and Chronic Stupidity
Posted 11/9/2011 by New & Improved, LLC
The science is in. We can now test to see if you’re going to learn from your mistakes or if you’re going to keep repeating them over and over. We can find out in less than a second too. The first test?
Tell Your Boss: Daydreaming Is Important for Creativity
Posted 11/4/2011 by New & Improved, LLC
People who daydream the right way (called "mind-wandering," more on which later), score higher on tests of creativity. This, of course, flies in the face of what we've been taught to believe by parents, teachers, managers, and anyone else who has caught us thinking about something other than what we're "supposed to" be paying attention to
Creative Collaboration: "The IT Way"
Posted 10/25/2011 by New & Improved, LLC
It’s hard to be sure exactly what social media will look like 10 years from now, but it is safe to say that it will have an impact on the way the world works. Just this week, LinkedIn was used by the US President as a platform to help him prep for a town meeting in California. A site called Quirky is using crowd sourcing to find product ideas, strengthen them, and make decisions about funding their development. Companies see this, hope to benefit, but make serious mistakes.
DOWNLOAD OUR FREE WEBINAR: Organizational Development for Innovation: How to create a sustainable culture of innovation in your organization
Posted 10/24/2011 by New & Improved, LLC
DOWNLOAD OUR FREE WEBINAR: Organizational Development for Innovation: How to create a sustainable culture of innovation in your organization
Burning Man Creativity
Posted 10/20/2011 by New & Improved, LLC
The Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada is an explosively creative event. More than 50,000 people attended this year. What makes Burning Man such a creative and compelling event? Our New & Improved man on the playa has some thoughts.
Good-Looking Bike Helmets -- Oxymoron or Principle of Creative Thinking?
Posted 10/20/2011 by New & Improved, LLC
Inspired by a bordello in designing a cathedral: What we can learn from Leonardo?
Posted 10/5/2011 by New & Improved, LLC
Apparently Leonardo Da Vinci made continual observations of the world around him and recorded these daily throughout his life. His 13,000 pages of notes and drawings display…
What Are You Missing?
Posted 10/3/2011 by New & Improved, LLC
What are you blind to in your environment? What are you missing?
Creative Thinking in-the-Box
Posted 9/27/2011 by New & Improved, LLC
“We don’t have time to change this!” “They will never give us the resources for that!” “They won’t approve that kind of idea.” “They never listen to us.” “We can’t do that here.” Sound familiar?
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