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Brainfood by the Truck Load
Posted 6/11/2012 by New & Improved, LLC
Götz Werner – the billionaire with the tenacity to stick with his very different ideas
Posted 6/8/2012 by New & Improved, LLC
Is Götz Werner showing stubbornness? Vision? Tenacity? Arrogance? Is there something that he is doing that might be useful to your organization?
How much structure is enough?
Posted 5/10/2012 by New & Improved, LLC
Some structure is useful, too much structure can be debilitating.
Did NASA spur Innovation?
Posted 5/3/2012 by New & Improved, LLC
Did the space race spur innovation? What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts.
Life and Creativity
Posted 4/24/2012 by New & Improved, LLC
Raise your IQ with Praise First
Posted 4/1/2012 by New & Improved, LLC
Sarah Thurber on the power of praise
With chocolate to Harvard – creativity takes courage
Posted 3/28/2012 by New & Improved, LLC
In our trainings we talk about the values of innovative thinkers. Meet Josef Zotter the founder of Zotter Schokoladen Manufaktur the maker of chocolate with a little bit different philosophy on how to manufacture and market his product.
The Creativity Bias factor: Why you and your organization might be unconsciously killing creativity
Posted 2/22/2012 by New & Improved, LLC
While most people and organizations say that they want creative ideas, recent research shows that many people actually behave just the opposite – rejecting creative ideas subconsciously – find out why.
The Impotency of Organizational Innovation
Posted 1/31/2012 by New & Improved, LLC
Dig into the rigorous thinking via Google Scholar on innovation and you will find there are 2,300,000 articles and books of an academic nature that have verified and validated every different type of known innovation process - disruptive, open source, front end, back end, induced, user, IT, supply chain, management, R&D and even innovative innovation! Enough information to drive you crazy. And worse still, there is a huge problem with most of it! It perceives innovation as a theory and a process and it is neither.
Would you deform your newborn’s skull to make them more creative?
Posted 1/24/2012 by New & Improved, LLC
If you saw these skulls would you think they belonged to extraterrestrials?
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