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Go ahead, we dare you. Think creatively - even inside 'The Box'!
Posted 7/17/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
We at New & Improved are a bit tired of people saying you must "think outside the box". This can be so limiting and sometimes counterproductive to the overall intention of being creative. See our latest video to learn how you can think creatively "inside-the-box" - yep, even with boundaries.
Avoid Thinking Ruts with Creative Questions
Posted 7/9/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
Our brains are hard wired to respond to questions with answers. The mind can feel satisfied when it finds an answer, even if the answer is a weak one. A creative genius trick is to ask certain questions that are more likely to give great, useful, success-producing answers. Learn some of those genius skills by reading on...
Reduce the "Decay Curve" of Team-building Efforts
Posted 7/6/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
After a team-building program, teams are pumped up, ready to run a tough race. But then, energy dampens, cooperation declines and old habits return. Now what do you do?
Webinar Replay - 12 Keys to Innovation Success
Posted 7/1/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
But, you can avoid this fate. Listen to our latest webinar to learn the 12 key areas that your organization needs to balance to ensure that your innovation efforts are a success.
Improve your Vision
Posted 6/26/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
Focus is critical for success. But, excessive focus can cause blindness. There is a cure.
Keep the momentum going
Posted 6/25/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
The Innovative Brain newsletter – your source for a monthly, innovation immersion. Our June edition is loaded with innovation morsels that are designed to spark and feed your innovative brain.
Creative Thinking, Innovation and Dads
Posted 6/14/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
What is the connection between a plane crash, great parenting, fathers day and creative thinking skills? Watch this short (6 minute) TED talk. It's a fathers day gift to us all.
The Myth of Happiness and the Death of the Innovative Organization
Posted 6/13/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
If you and the people in your enterprise believe that becoming an innovative organization will make life easier and will contribute to your happiness, likely you are very wrong. Knowing this however, and understanding the dynamics around happiness, can help make sure that at the very least you are able to sustain the efforts that assure steady profitable improvement and the ability to bring creative problem solving skills with you everywhere you go in your life. So, to understand the dynamics around happiness and innovation, let's explore what is called hedonic adaptation.
Becoming a Superhero - How your Stories can Change the World!
Posted 6/10/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
With the premier of Superman, just days away, we were inspired to share stories of individuals who took risks to solve challenges with not super-human, but human strength.
What the Internet Is Doing to our Brains
Posted 6/7/2013 by New & Improved, LLC
Is the internet nurturing innovation or killing it? Most likely, this is not the first email, web page, video, text message or Google search you have looked at today. This access to information is amazing, but what is it doing to our brains?
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