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About New and Improved!

Create Growth Through Innovation...

What’s New & Improved?

The name is New & Improved. NO, the name hasn’t been made better, it is the name. Try this. New & Improved really isn’t a what, it’s a who. Well, many whos. A collection of whos. Yep, a whole darn whoville. Starting to sound like Abbott & Costello meets Dr. Seuss? We’ll try again.

New & Improved is a consulting company that helps leading companies create growth through innovation. By helping groups of individuals think creatively and work productively together. We work with you to create Innovation Teams that work towards creative solutions that yield results. How do we do that? By creating programs and organizational interventions that provide new skills, methods, techniques and approaches to the work your people do and the challenges they face.

Sometimes our work looks like a training program. Sometimes it’s structured like a keynote speech. At times it looks like a facilitated group problem solving session. Frequently it involves team-building. Usually it's some combination of things that fit together in a package of sophisticated organizational development initiatives. But the bottom line is that we customize programs to help people work together and create great things: New & Improved solutions, systems, processes, places, and people.

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New & Improved, LLC
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So here’s the executive summary that’s less than totally reverent — and if that’s a problem for you, then just surf AHEAD to some other dry portion of the site. Because we can’t always be serious. That just wouldn’t do. It’s not our style. It’s not very energizing. Or new. And it wouldn’t be an improvement. Unless of course you ask our spouses. But that’s beside the point. T ... Read More >he point (and we do have one) is that what New & Improved is all about is a bunch of smart, talented people (if we do say so ourselves) working with smart, talented people like you (and we do say so, even if it is a *wee* bit sycophantic) and your organization to help make things/stuff/people work smoother, faster, cheaper, happier, and (pay attention now, here’s the bottom line) more innovatively. With fewer problems. To create far more opportunities. It’s just that simple. Get the picture? Yes? Wow, so quickly? Well then either this is a darn fine summary, or you are, or will soon be, an executive. As it should be.